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Slow life by the Lake Saimaa

We, in Hanhiniitty, want to share with you our life in the middle of the Saimaa archipelago. We nurture in all our services this unique nature and culture environment of Lake Saimaa. Puumala archipelago offers unique experiences, well-being and vitality as well as accommodation, restaurant services, sauna experiences, guided paddling tours, canoe and bike rental – we are here to help you to plan an holiday by lake Saimaa from one day to one week or even longer time.

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Accommodation in the great outdoors


Jänissaari cottage is our modest fishing hut (25m2) in the peace of a magnificent and small island on Lake Saimaa. Row, paddle or boat to the island (no roads and no bridges) and have a cosy, happy holiday with your family or friends, or in the luxury of your own company! The surface area of the island is about 9 hectares and it is a Natura protected area due to the ringed seals living in the area. There are no other cottages on the island.The cottage can accommodate four people. You will naturally also have access to the wood-burning sauna built next to your cottage, as well as a rowing boat.

The cottage is equipped with a gas cooker and a gas refrigerator. There is also a fireplace and barbeque hut at your disposal. There is no electricity and  no well water on the island. In general, the water in Lake Saimaa is always drinkable, at least when boiled. You can bring along drinking water in a container or collect it from the well of the cottage on the opposite shore. Outdoor toilet.

90 € / day /max. 2 persons. Extra persons 10€/day

Additional cots: Bedlinen 13€/person and final cleaning if needed 70€

Information about Jänissaari


Hanhiniitty’s tiny wooden guest house (12m2) is located on the shore of lake Saimaa, close to the main building of Saimaa Canoeing services. The tiny guest house and wooden heated traditional Finnish Sauna is just perfect for simple and relaxing life in the middle of beautiful nature.

Prize: 85€/day/max. 2 persons (including own sauna turn)
Equipment: 140 cm bed, dishes for four, electricity, heating, gas oven, refrigerator, outdoor toilet

Extra accommodation next to the cottage in a Tentsile tent hanging between trees for 3 person. Tentsile accommodation 20€/person when renting the tiny guest house

Additional costs: Bed linen 13€/person and Final cleaning 40€ if needed.


Ukonsaari is located a short paddling distance away from the Katosselkä waters, which is one of the best kept secrets of the Puumala area.

The cottage has a very minimalistic furnishing, one that is sufficient for a simple yet relaxing vacation. From the high cliff, one can spend the day just enjoying the scenery and quite possible spot a grey-ringed seal swimming by!

The Sauna , literally just by, rather on the lake, one can just about ‘step into the lake’  and enjoy the refreshing cool swim.

Pricing starting at. 100€/day (max persons. extra persons 10€/day)

Cottage furniture:

  • 2 x 90 cm wide bunkbeds in the cottage ( for 4 persons) . (In a separate hut another two bunkbeds at 80 cm wide.)
  • Gas stove
  • Woodburning stove
  • open fireplace
  • Dishes and cutlery for 6 persons, Coffee and teapot, Fryingpan and pot.
  • Solarpowered lights and refrigerator
  • sauna
  • outhouse
  • guest hut

Checking in at  15:00 and checking out at 12:00

Water for the sauna carried by hand in buckets. Bring your own drinking water. (option to buy bottled water 4€/ 5 liter canisters

Price :100€/day/4 persons. extra persons 10€/hlö

Inquiries and reservations:

  • sanna@hanhiniitty.fi
  • + 358 505487653


If you are looking for the wilderness hut athmosphere, you can definitely find it at the Sopala hut. This small hut , hidden between two ridges at the end of a narrow fjordlike bay this hut offers a rustic shelter for paddlers as well as other travellers.  You can arrive by the water or drive into the yard with a motor vehicle.  Distance by the waterways from Puumala village is approx 28 kms. By road 31 kms.

The hut offers beds loosely for 2 persons, or more intimately max 4 persons, however ther is plety more room outside for several tents.

Hut furniture:

  • 140 cm wide bunkbed
  • Gas stove
  • Cutlery and dishes for 6 persons, coffee-pot and tea-kettle. Frying pan and a pot
  • Sauna
  • Outhouse
  • a cool cellar pit outside the hut.
  • Water for the sauna carried by hand in buckets.
  • Bring your own drinking water. (option to buy bottled water 4€/ 5 liter canisters

Checking in at  15:00 and checking out at 12:00

Price: 90€/day/4 persons. extrapersons 10€/hlö.

Inquiries and bookingt:

  • sanna@hanhiniitty.fi
  • + 358 505487653


Hanhiniityn rantasauna


Enjoy the relaxing and moist steam of Finnish wooden heated sauna and cool off in the clean lake Saimaa. Our traditional Finnish beach sauna is located on the shore of lake Saimaa. We warmly recommend making a Finnish sauna experience part of your paddling tour.

Prize: 15 €/ person (minimum 45€/turn)

Saimaa Bikes Hanhiniitty


Rent an electric bike for your cycling tours. www.saimaabikes.fi 

Experience the most beautiful part of Finland by bicycle. The archipelago route in Puumala is a spectacular scenic trail for cyclists and motorcyclists. The 60-km circular route, which was opened in 2017, immediately became immensely popular. It winds through some of the most breath-taking islands, bridges and eskers in the Saimaa region. Read more. 



In Niinisaari island, in the archipelago of lake Saimaa, you can enjoy the peace of a beach cabin, paddle, bathe a Finnish sauna, swim, go fishing, go on a boat trip, a cruise, or a hike – or, if you like, learn about traditional life and culture in the archipelago.

Read more about Niinisaari

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