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During year 2022 Damascus steel courses for order

When you want your knife to have a unique and durable blade, join my two-day long damask steel blade course. Blade laminating is an age-old way of making eye-catching blades. Successful forge welding is the beginning and end of making damask steed blades – this means plenty of challenges, sweat and even some failures before final success. The work stages include three-layer lamination, forge welding, acidification, etching and blade design. I only take six students at a time because I want to guarantee individual teaching and provide participants with happy experiences of learning and achieving.

The Damask steel blade course in an intensive, two day course at our Hanhiniitty workshop in Niinisaari, Puumala. The course’s timetable will be agreed together. The course will be 16 hours altogether.

The Course
I will teach how to make an unique and durable blade. On the course we’ll learn all the processes that you have to go through in blade forging. The work stages include three-layer lamination, forge welding, acidification, etching and blade design. It is possible to continue working also in the evenings. The Gallery of the workshop will act as resting place, with the possibility to make tea and coffee and use the microwave. The course price will include a soup lunch and tea or coffee. All course participants will have to bring their own working clothes and it would also be good to have your own earmuffs.

The course costs 250 €/ person (inc. VAT 24%). The price includes teaching, machinery use, materials, lunch and tea or coffee daily.

Accommodation can be arranged at the Okkolas Holiday Cottages, which is located near by. (www.okkola.fi). Fees at Okkola are 40 €/person/night, you have to provide your own sheets and towels. Otherwise these can be provided by Okkola for 10 €/night. Hotel accommodation can be arranged in Puumala. (10km)

We will insure you for any damage caused by the organizer of the course. It is still recommended to take out your own personal accident insurance.

We will take a maximum of six participants for this course in a first come first served bases. I would ask you to register for this course by email martti@hanhiniitty.fi. After that I will send you a bill. Having paid your course-fee you will then be committed to participate. After that you have the right to cancel your registration and be reimbursed only if a good reason is provided. Reimbursed course fees are paid after an administration fee of 80€ has been deducted.

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I am glad to give any further information by e-mail martti@hanhiniitty.fi or by phone +35840 740 1831.

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